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MeetAndSpeak update

March 23rd 2014

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Currently there are about 400 active MeetAndSpeak (MAS) users. I think a status update is in order, there has never really been one.

MAS has been my hobby now about four years. Behind the service there is one person, that's me. I can't say that I enjoy writing PR emails or blog posts so you may have never heard of me.

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MeetAndSpeak - a short history

September 3rd 2013

Before talking about the upcoming changes in MeetAndSpeak v2 it might be useful for me to explain how the whole project got started and what has happened so far.

It all began in April 2009. At that time my job didn't involve much actual coding. I was concentrating more in standardization and technology studies at Nokia. I also had quite a lot free time and figured out I could start to build something using web technologies, not just surf the web. Only the idea for a project was missing.

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September 1st 2013

I remember using ZMODEM and uploading the first version of my home pages to a local ISP's server soon after I had chance to use the modem my school bought. This happened around 1996 I think. For some odd reason I've had traditional home page in the net since then.

So once in five years or so I've got an idea to try something new and redo my current page. This site is the result of lastest such moment. I currently like to use Node.js at work. This lead me to build this site completely in node too. That is, JavaScript everywhere.

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