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September 1st 2013

I remember using ZMODEM and uploading the first version of my home pages to a local ISP's server soon after I had chance to use the modem my school bought. This happened around 1996 I think. For some odd reason I've had traditional home page in the net since then.

So once in five years or so I've got an idea to try something new and redo my current page. This site is the result of lastest such moment. I currently like to use Node.js at work. This lead me to build this site completely in node too. That is, JavaScript everywhere.

I don't have big plans for the blog portion. What I want to is to write a little about MeetAndSpeak.com. MeetAndSpeak has been my side project almost four years now. It has small but quite active user base. The service is nowadays very stable, mainly because I haven't really added any new features during the last three years. During the initial development I got some design aspects right and some other things horribly wrong which I wanted to finally fix.

So I'm now preparing a big MeetAndSpeak update (that I call MeetAndSpeak v2) which includes major architecture changes, especially on the server side. I'll cover these changes in more detail in the upcoming blog posts.

If you are an active MeetAndSpeak.com user you might want to come back to see how the implementation is proceeding. Right now I expect that the new and hopefully much improved version of MeetAndSpeak.com is ready maybe in three months. At the same time I'll open-source both the server and client side code.

Maybe I'll blog about other topics too. You never know.

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